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I have recently graduated with a master's degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management (M.Eng.) from Imperial College London.

I have a great passion for solving analytically challenging problems and engaging myself in the latest technological advancements. During my university time I could acquire a profound knowledge of diverse engineering skills, while specialising in courses such as machine learning, computer vision, biomedical electronics and embedded systems.

I grew up in Vienna, Austria, where I decided to foster my personal and professional development abroad at the inspiring multicultural environment of one of the world's most renowned universities.

While I enjoy to develop and study the scientific details, I also like to see the big picture from an entrepreneurial perspective and work with people in a team. In order to satisfy my academic interests, I enrolled in the four-year M.Eng. Program EEE with Management.



Albertus Magnus School (Vienna)

Specialising in biology, physics and chemistry. In June 2015 I passed the Austrian Matura exams with the best grade average possible.

Imperial College London
2015 - 2019

Studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering (M.Eng.) with Management.

First-Class Honours (85.75%) | Top student of the final class list

Final Year Project with Dr. Tae-Kyun Kim:

"3D Hand Pose Sequence Data Augmentation using GANs" - Improving Recurrent Neural Network 3D hand pose action recognition performance by augmenting training data using Generative Adversarial Networks.



AI Research Intern
December 2019 - June 2020

Research Intern within the AI Team in London.

Imperial College London
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
October-December 2019

UTA helping students with their computing laboratory sessions for the Introduction to Computer Architecture and Systems module (taught by Dr Thomas Clarke).

TTTech Auto
Advanced Projects Team
April-September 2018

Intern developing embedded software for autonomous driving pre-series projects. TTTech Auto is known for its series-proven safety software platform MotionWise.

ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH 
Department of Systemtechnology
August-September 2017

Intern working on diagnosis-data-transmission for predictive maintenance at Austria’s biggest railway company.

Schiebel Corporation
July 2016

Internship on the development of test equipment at a company specialised in producing helicopter UAVs.







Siemens Memorial Book Prize awarded to the student at the top of the final class list (2018/19)

Head of Department’s Prize awarded to the top M.Eng. EEE student in third year (2017/18)

Winning team of the Imperial College Business School Entrepreneurship Online Competition (2017/18)

Silvanus P Thompson Prize awarded to the top EEE student in the second year (2016/17)

Second Year Group Project Prize awarded to the best EEE group project in the second year (2016/17)

Dennis Gabor Prize awarded to the top EEE student in the first year (2015/16)

Member of the Dean’s list in first, second, third and fourth year of university ​

2nd place at the Viennese Latin Olympiad (2014 and 2015)



In my free time I enjoy to do sports. During my high-school time I participated in the Viennese Tennis Championships. I also played in the Imperial-College-Hall-Football-League during my first university year.

Moreover, I was President and co-founder of the Imperial College Austrian Society (2017/18), where I was responsible for organising and promoting events, creating budgets, approaching potential sponsors and staying in touch with our members via social media and e-mail.

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